The facilities are positioned on 30 acres of land.
121,620 square feet under roof.
65 Bays .
800 Unit storage capacity.
Conveniently located close to a major network of highways.
I-57, Exit 203, Arcola; look for the water tower.

belly boxes/underbody boxes
Furniture Pad Storage Boxes, Ramp Box/Ramp Storage Box, Roller Conveyor Box, Pump Box, Stand Box, Ladder Box, Casket Box, Load Bar Storage Box and more.
specialty/custom trailers
Golf Cart Hauler, Tank Hauler, Silo hauler, Y2K Bunker, Delta 3 Rocket Hauler, Concession Trailer, Refurbish, Mobile Office, Satelite Trailers and much more.
refrigeration/reefer equipment
Evap / Evaporator Guards, Pallet Stops, Bulkheads, Center Walls, Air Ducts / Chutes, False Ceilings, Multi Temp, Aluminum Floor Overlays and much more.
roller & other special floors
Roller Floor Install, Air operated, Hydraulic, Static Roller Conveyor, Ball Transfers, Floor Coatings, Walking Floors and much, much more.
other options
Roof Hatches, Door Conversions, Ladders, Roof Walkways, Heater Install, Decal Installation, Shelving, Tarps, Lift Gates, Tail Gates and much more.
At JBH, we have been driving, designing, and building custom trailers with over a century of combined experience. We understand your business, the conditions you face and the loads you haul.
We are the largest semi trailer lift gate installer in the continental United States.
Huge inventory of trailer parts in stock from all major manufacturers.
We serivce all major trailer brands and customers from coast to coast.
We can paint any part or all of your trailers, from trim to total! Our 12 prep and paint bays can turn your trailer into a work of art.
We install all major lift gate manufacturers: Maxon, Waltco, Leyman and others. Ask about our in-house designed bumpers with step and grab handles.
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